Legal Assistance: Funeral Will Benefit


Having final affairs neatly in order is one of the greatest gifts someone can give to their loved ones. This benefit gives the main member access to the following Will benefits:

The Standard Will:
The Standard Will utilizes the original funeral policy application form information to appoint the beneficiary/beneficiaries of the estate in the following sequence: (1) The spouse of the main member; (2) if no spouse is available, then the children in equal parts; (3) if no spouse and/or eligible children, then the beneficiary of the funeral policy as stipulated.

The Extended Will
The Extended Will accommodates the more detailed wishes of a member in a more comprehensive Will. The Extended Will makes provision for the inclusion of extended family members and other beneficiaries. It allows for the different assets (movable, immovable as well as cash) to be given to the different beneficiaries in percentages.

An application form is available to obtain the additional information for these other beneficiaries. The Standard Will can however, be issued initially and then adapted and upgraded at a later stage as additional information is gathered

Wills can at any time be amended for changes brought about by death. Furthermore, Wills can also be amended free of charge annually on the funeral policy’s anniversary date. Upgrading of the Standard Will to an Extended Will is therefore easy to accomplish. All amendments will be done per prescribed software format.

Wills can be issued with the Insurance’s/intermediary’s branding and logos, to give the documentation a personal touch.